Why "Mongrel"?

New clients often ask me why I called my business "Mongrel Creative". The answer, like most mongrels, and me, and my work, has a lot of different parts.

As a freelancer, it is fair to say that not only am I a designer, I am also my own book-keeper, marketer, receptionist and IT department.

I have worked in many different business sectors; corporate marketing, advertising, licensing, manufacturing, architectural administration and the performing arts. This broad range of experience gave me a great platform to go out on my own and tackle a myriad of different projects for my clients.

Finally, I was inspired by my own mongrel dog, snoring at my feet as I worked. I don't accept the word as a derogatory term - in a mongrel, all the various dog breeds and experiences combine to make something unique, different, special, loyal and feisty.

Mongrel stuff

Pets Haven Foundation
Dedicated to rescuing and finding furrever homes for dogs and cats who would otherwise be euthanised (or die on the streets as strays). Mongrel Creative's own mongrel was adopted from Pets Haven. Visit the Pets Haven Foundation website for more information.

Save-A-Dog Scheme
Another great place to find your next best friend (be it canine, feline or other!) or to make a truly worthwhile dontation. Visit the Save-A-Dog Scheme website for more information.

David Darcy
A photographer who captures the true art and dignity of the Australian Mongrel.
Visit the David Darcy Photography website to see more of David's beautiful work.